Questions, questions

1. Why do our minds wander so far from the point? / Why do people tell lies just to hide things? / Why do people never talk about what they should (like global warming or our feelings)? / Why do we feel embarrassed in front of an audience?  / Why is life so complex?

2. Do we own anything? / If someone borrows something and does not return it is it stealing?

3. Can someone do my exams for me?

4. Why can you never answer a question when you get told to?

5. Why are brand names so popular?

6. How did we get the law and why?


Why did Hitler kill people when he was a vegetarian?

Why are some people mean to mankind?

Why do you never acknowledge your accent as an accent?

Why is there peer pressure? / Why do people give in to peer pressure?

How come you can never say the right thing at the right time?

Why does the world seem as a Western-dominated state? / Is ‘Eastern’ or ‘Western’ society a better environment to live in?

Where do we get the ability to create technology?

How did we get so smart from apes?

What are the colours on the world map supposed to represent?


What’s the difference between a slave and a servant? /


About B.B.

I'm based in York.
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