Matters of love

When someone tells you that they love you, do they mean it, or are they saying it to make you feel better?

— well, they’re probably saying it because they mean it

— No! I disgree. Love is an overused word, and it can be used to get all sorts of things that you want

— I disagree as well: People mistake lust for love; and only time can tell the difference between the two

— Question: if someone cheats (in a matter of love) while drunk, does that count as unfaithfulness? Some of the Red Lodge folk, who had the benefit of long experience, said that as you get older you tend to be more tolerant of errors by their loved ones, as they also know how deep the roots of love can run. And when you’re younger, they said, you might be more inclined to say to the cheating lover: “get lost!”

About B.B.

I'm based in York.
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