Questions, questions

We made a list of some of things that were on our minds, and that we would like to discuss in the future:

– Feelings

– Whether something can be the same thing as it was before if it has changed

– Prejudice, and the question of why gay men can’t give blood

– How to get to college

– How complicated life is getting; how it’s not possible to survive without an internet connection and computer skills

– The life story of Bertrand Russell

– Argentine football complaint: the inconsistency!

– Why is there always someone being shot on the news?

– Bernard Kaye

– Remember the 1920s: Even today we’re better off than in the past: remember the 1926 soup kitchen and marches; 1930s: youd make 21s pay and have 10s 6d rent, and then have to buy coal, clothes, food, parafin … at least food was cheap.


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